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US Senate raises picture of President Brahim Ghali

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The US Senate raised during a session held on Tuesday a picture of Sahrawi President Brahim Ghali, while receiving a delegation from the US Congress on a solidarity visit to the Sahrawi refugee camps in February 2017.

Senator James Inhofe, during a speech he gave to review the career of US Senator Mike Enzi who recently passed away, invited the senators to see the picture that he presented of Sahrawi President Brahim Ghali while receiving Mike Enzi in the Sahrawi refugee camps.

Accompanied by a number of his colleagues, he paid a visit to the Sahrawi refugee camps on the occasion of the anniversary of the declaration of the Sahrawi Republic, in order to confirm support for the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination and to revive the negotiation process so as to ensure that the Sahrawis choose their future through a democratic referendum.

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