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USA put before its responsibility vis-à-vis international law (analyst)

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Security analyst, Alexander Bertschi Wrigley, reminded the United States of its responsibility to uphold international law, stressing that any decision to override in the context of a possible Morocco-Israel normalization would lead to “the erosion” of international texts which guarantee the right to self-determination to the people of Western Sahara, and would create a “dangerous precedent”.

In an article on the Commondreams website on Tuesday, Bertschi Wrigley blamed the United States as information circulated in the run-up to the American elections that “Morocco would be prepared to normalize relations with Israel” in exchange for Washington’s recognition of supposed Moroccan claims to Western Sahara.

As such, the analyst argued that with a possible decision, the United States, and the world as a whole, would suffer “serious repercussions, the erosion of international standards concerning the right to self-determination, the weakening of the capacity of the United Nations to resolve conflicts, as well as the weakening of the capacity of the United States to play a leadership role at the international level “.

In this regard, he recalled that the American administration has the responsibility to ensure respect for international law, including the referendum supported by the United States which would give the Sahrawis the choice to decide their future.

For him, a decision to recognize a supposed Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara in order to score political points before the American elections would be “shameful and taints American foreign policy”, even “would delegitimize the work of the UN, whose main mandate in Western Sahara is to organize and ensure a referendum “.

He recalled, in this regard, that this mandate is supported by a historic advisory opinion issued by the International Court of Justice as well as by resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly.

Therefore, a decision by the United States to override these efforts “would compromise the ability of the United Nations to play a constructive role in any conflict elsewhere,” warned this specialist in North Africa.

This process would also be “a repudiation of Washington’s long-sought goals for the region. The United States has played a key role in helping to build support for a mutually acceptable political resolution to the conflict,” said Bertschi Wrigley.

A possible radical change in US policy would set a “dangerous precedent and call into question the integrity of the United States and its commitment to international efforts to find multilateral political solutions.” (Sumoud)

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