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Western Sahara: Belani denounces “irresponsible statements” of Moroccan authorities

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Algerian Special Envoy in charge of Western Sahara and Maghreb countries Amar Belani on Tuesday dubbed “insane” and “irresponsible” the statements made by the Moroccan occupation authorities about the aggression committed in November against the Sahrawi territory of El Guerguerat, urging the UN Security Council to “assume its political and moral responsibilities” in order to guarantee the Sahrawi people’s inalienable right to self-determination.

“This is outrageous statements made by an inveterate driveller whose contemptible whining are not worthy of attention. Far from these grotesque rantings and to go back to what is important, we are facing a hampered and perverted decolonization process because of the indulgence of the international community, notably the Security Council, which must imperatively assume its political and moral responsibilities in order to guarantee the Sahrawi people’s inalienable right to Self-determination,” Belani told APS.

“The insane statements of the Moroccan authorities on the irreversibility of actions conducted by the Moroccan occupation forces in El Guerguerat, are irresponsible and constitute a major impediment to a possible resumption of the political process,” he denounced, in a reaction to the statement made by the representatives of the Moroccan Kingdom, during the commemorative ceremony of the 60th anniversary of the holding of the 1st Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), in Belgrade (Serbia).

Belani said also that it is “imperative to return to the original parameters of the political settlement, if the international community wants really an effective and serious reopening of direct negotiations, in good faith and without prerequisites between the two sides to the conflict.”

“In the drafting of its next resolution on the issue, that we hope to be more balanced, and in order not to send a wrong signal to the two sides to the conflict, namely the Polisario Front and Morocco, the Security Council is called to take account of the new reality on the ground because, notably of the resumption of the hostilities following the flagrant violation by the Moroccan occupation forces of the military agreements signed by the two sides and shouldered by this same Council of Security.”

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