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Western Saharan independence activists among victims of “Pegasus” spy program

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Morocco has used the “Pegasus” spy program to track supporters of Western Sahara independence, as well as journalists, according to French newspaper “Le Monde”.

French daily “Le Monde” has indicated in an article that ‘ Pegasus Project’ has accumulated multiple elements, both technical and concerning the identity of the targets, which show very clearly that Morocco is a client of NSO and operates electronic surveillance through Pegasus.

According to Le Monde, the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, one of the world’s leading spyware research centers, had as early as 2018 identified Morocco as a very likely NSO client, based on an analysis of the infrastructure used by the spyware.

More recent analyses by the same “Citizen Lab” confirmed that Moroccan client of NSO group had been active in France since 2018 and until this year.

In addition, Le Monde reported that Amnesty International’s Security Lab found traces of Pegasus, bearing the distinctive technical signature of the same client, on the phones used by journalist Edwy Plenel and former minister François de Rugy, as well as on the phones of activist Claude Mangin and Moroccan journalist Omar Radi – both of whom are of great interest to Moroccan intelligence services.

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